Sex Trafficking and our Responsibility

Like I say in our About Us page @, no child deserves to be a target of sex trade. The fact is, that won't stop anything, unless we do something about it. We can't just rely on governments here and around the world to always do what is best for their communities and country. That would be nice, but it doesn't always happen.

If you want change in the world, be part of the change, don't expect others to do it. This is something, I believe, we really need to work on. The church has backed away and allowed the government to take care of people's needs (at least to a point that we are comfortable with taking little to no responsibility to help). The Bible says over and over that it is our job to take care of the hungry, homeless, and hurting people. It is our duty to step in and help, not to simply say "Someone else will help them" or "There is a program for that." You are the change, if you choose to be.

While technically illegal in Thailand, the sale of sex happens openly, and it’s estimated that up to 60,000 children take part in the Thai commercial sex trade every year. The average age of these children is between 12 and 20 years old, and the majority of them come from the less-developed regions of Northern Thailand.

Northern Thailand has the nation’s highest percentage of those who have never attended school: 9.9%. It also has the lowest average number of years of schooling: 7.31 years for boys and 6.56 years for girls, both of which fall under the already-low compulsory level of 9th grade. (The Sold Project)

We take so many things for granted; education, freedom, income, food, security, and safety to name a few. These children in Thailand do not get these things so easily. Please pray for these children and consider being part of the change. The children in Thailand should not be for sale.


Let's be a part of the change,



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